Ben Franklin Superdome deflates 'unexpectedly' Monday afternoon

The Superdome at Ben Franklin Park deflated unexpectedly Monday afternoon.

The cause was not immediately clear, but the Vice President of the company that runs the dome, TMSI Sports Management, says they believe there was a tear somewhere in the inflatable structure.

"It was likely a tear somewhere," says Rob Knights. "The wind did have a part to play in the speed with which it came down, but it's stayed up in much stronger winds over the years."

There were a few golfers inside the dome at the corner of Greenbank and West Hunt Club when it collapsed, Knights says, but they were able to escape without injury.

Knights says the hope is to have the dome back up and running by Friday. In the meantime, he says, TMSI is working with the City of Ottawa on finding accommodations in other venues for anyone who had field bookings this week.

Statement regarding this afternoon's unexpected deflation

— TMSI Superdomes (@SuperdomesOTT) April 10, 2017