Brrrr... It's cold in here! There must be a cold air mass in the atmosphere

If you thought it was time to put away your winter clothes, think again. 

Environment Canada says a cold air mass is hovering over Eastern Ontario, bringing unusually cold weather and heavy winds with it. 

"We are going to be cold for the next week for sure, it looks like we will have more snow on Friday and then likely Tuesday next week, a few more centimeters," says Peter Kimbell, a Warning Preparedness Meteorologist with Environment Canada. 

Kimbell says the cold air mass coming from Manitoba is to blame for the unseasonably low temperatures. 

"We're having an average high of minus one day and the average high is about plus nine so we are about ten degrees below normal," he says. 

Unfortunately, Ottawa residents just have to bear it for now. Kimbell says eventually things will warm up, although how much is still to be determined. 

"There is no way of forecasting that. I am only comfortable going out five to ten days because it changes so quickly," he says.