City announces sites for 20 new Red Light Cameras

The city has announced the sites for 20 new red light cameras.

Studies have shown that the installation of a red light camera does reduce the incidents of right angle collisions at intersections.

While they can increase rear-end collisions, those are typically less severe.

City staff looked to see where red light cameras might bring the most benefit.

The 20 intersections chosen had an average of three or more angle collisions a year because someone ran a red light.....or where there were five or more angle collisions at red lights over four years.

Installation of the cameras will begin this spring, and will be completed by year's end, and be located at.....

- Arlington Ave. at Kent St.;
- Aviation Pky at Montreal Rd.;
- Bank St. at Riverside Dr. South ;
- Bay St. at Slater St.;
- Bronson Ave. at Powell Ave.;
- Catherine St. at Kent St. ;
- Cedarview Rd. at Fallowfield Rd.;
- Coldrey Ave. at Kirkwood Ave. ;
- Elgin St. at Slater St.;
- Gladstone Ave. at Rochester St. ;
- Hawthorne Rd. at Leitrim Rd.;
- Heron Rd. at 155m west of Bank St. ¡V Canadian Tire Access;
- Hog's Back Rd. at Prince of Wales Dr.;
- Innes Rd. at Orleans Blvd.;
- Lyon St. at Slater St.;
- Murray St. at Sussex Dr.;
- Old Tenth Line Rd. at St. Joseph Blvd.;
- St. Joseph Blvd. at Tenth Line Rd.;
- Tenth Line Rd. at Vanguard Dr.; and,
- Walkley Rd. at Glenhaven Priv.