City reviewing safety on O'Connor bike lane following opening day crash

City staff are already looking at tweaks to the segregated bike lane on O'Connor Street, after a cyclist was injured in the bikeway’s first collision on opening day.

Not long after the ribbon cutting, a cyclist was struck by a driver who was turning left on the one-way street, according to paramedics.

"With great smiles and ringing bells we went out ... and officially opened it," says Capital Coun. David Chernushenko. "Believe me, when I listened to the evening news and heard there had already been an accident, nothing more could have hurt more than that."

Paramedics say the cyclist involved in the crash suffered shoulder and rib pain, but was in stable condition when he arrived at the hospital.

A man in his 30s was taken to hospital and was in stable condition with shoulder and rib pain

After using the lane himself, Chernushenko says there are some safety concerns about the two-way bike lanes on a one-way street.

"Most drivers will not yet know that cyclists are coming from the other direction legally - they're supposed to be, it's designed this way," says Chernushenko. "I am sure there's something we can and should do to make that clearer for people."

Chernushenko says it's possible more signage may need to go up to enhance safety along the bikeway.