City says long-term care homes now in compliance with Provincial order

The City of Ottawa says, as of the end of January, all of its long-term care facilities were in compliance with provincial health ministry guidelines.

This comes after the Province issued a rare director’s order last summer, to improve safety and patient care at three of the four city-run long-term care homes.

There have been issues of abuse and neglect at the homes. Personal support workers have been fired and, in at least one case, convicted of assault.

In a memo to City Councillors Thursday, City Manager Steve Kanellakos says the homes were inspected by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care in December and January. As of January 29, the City was in compliance with the July 2017 Director’s order.

Kanellakos adds that among the changes that have been made, 100% of staff have received “enhanced training on the prevention of abuse and neglect”; additional management will be present on the floor during evenings and weekends; and new tools have been developed to support staff when “assisting residents from diverse cultural backgrounds.”

Kanellakos also says a third-party review of the homes will be completed by the end of April.