Coyotes likely suspects in case of dead or missing cats in Kemptville: OPP

Ontario Provincial Police in Kemptville say they’re investigated recent reports of dead or missing cats in the area, and say they’ve found nothing criminal.

“The Case of the Missing Cats”, as police called it in the press release, generated six calls Thursday alone.

Police believe the influx in calls is connected with a recent article in the North Grenville Times, describing a rash of missing or dead cats in the area.

The OPP investigated the reports with the help of a wildlife conservation officer and say nothing criminal in nature was found. Police say coyotes are the likely suspects in the case of the missing cats.

Police remind residents that the OPP will not investigate a report of a missing cat unless a crime is believed to be involved.

The OPP say concerned owners could mitigate the risk to their pets by keeping them indoors.