Cries for help unanswered as woman suffers miscarriage at OCDC: lawyer

The Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services has launched an investigation into a woman suffering a miscarriage in a cell at the Ottawa Carleton Detention Centre late last month.

Erica Tanny - the lawyer for the 28-year-old inmate - says the understanding through court is the woman's cries for help on January 25 were ignored for 10 to 15 minutes.

Information first reported publicly by Postmedia describes the woman eventually being transported to hospital in a prison van and not an ambulance.

"What's being reported is extremely concerning," Tanny told CFRA's Ottawa Now on Friday. "I'm certain that the Ottawa-Carleton Detention Centre will want to inquire further into the matter and ensure there is proper recourse if it needs to be taken."

Tanny says her client is weighing her legal options as she recovers both mentally and physically from the ordeal.

She had a court appearance two days after it happened to answer to charges of theft and being unlawfully at large.

The case comes less than five years after another Innes Road jail inmate - Julie Bilotta - gave birth in her cell.

Her baby born in September of 2012 died just over a year later.