Driver caught twice for stunt driving

Losing his car once apparently wasn't enough for a Toronto man to learn a lesson about speeding.

The OPP in Napanee stopped a white 2016 BMW doing 167 kilometers an hour down Highway 401 Wednesday afternoon.

The 18 year old driver was charged with stunt driving.

His car was impounded and he lost his driver's license for a week.

A check of police records showed it was the same driver who was caught doing 208 kilometers an hour in the same area eleven days earlier.

Police say the driver had apparently just picked up his car after its first impoundment, and was heading home.

A conviction of stunt driving can draw a fine of up to $10,000 or a jail term of up to six months.

A first conviction can see a driver having their license suspended for up to two years - subsequent convictions could see their license suspended for up to 10 years.