Elections Ontario warning of false voting information shared in the capital

Elections Ontario says some voters in the Ottawa-Vanier riding area may have received false information on where they should go to vote from a political campaign.

The campaign for Ottawa Vanier Liberal candidate Nathalie Des Rosiers says it sent out the wrong information to supporters.

You're reminded to check Elections Ontario's website under "voter information services" if you're unsure as to where your polling station is.

In a statement, the Des Rosiers campaign said "this morning it came to our attention that some election reminder flyers mailed to our supporters contained inaccurate information. We took proactive and decisive action to immediately make Elections Ontario aware and contact our supporters to clarify the error.

The statement added "though we’ve reached out to all our supporters, we continue to encourage voters to visit elections.on.ca to verify their voting location. We are taking extra steps to make sure people get the right information because this election matters. It matters that the people in our community have strong local and francophone representation. It matters that Ford has promised to cut billions, scrap rent control and the minimum wage increase. It matters that Nathalie is the only one who can stop Doug Ford in Ottawa-Vanier."