Employees claim they were laid off from Fred Guy Moving and Storage

Employees of a well-known Ottawa moving company are searching for answers after they say they were laid off.

Several current employees of Fred Guy Moving and Storage LTD. told CTV News they showed up to work on Wednesday and Thursday only to be told to go home because the company was closing.

“The owner stated that … because they are losing money daily, the business was closing effective immediately,” one employee, who did not wanted to be named for fear of repercussion, told CTV News. “The daytime employees were notified and most sent home immediately. A few guys are working until the end of the week … It was so abrupt and caught everyone by surprise.”

Another longtime employee, Craig Bradley, said he was called up to management Wednesday night and let go.

“I’m married, I have a mortgage and kids. I have mouths to feed and all of a sudden you take that forty hours off and it leaves me wondering,” he said.

Bradley and other employees who spoke to CTV News said the company has yet to send out an official, written notice to employees. Employees believe the decision may have to do with the recent loss of two major contracts as well as the closure of Sears, a client.

“It loss was noticeable at first but then we would take on other contracts and fill those voids,” Bradley said.  “It’s such a surprise and shock to everyone. It blindsided us.”

On Thursday, dozens of trucks were parked in the company’s lot and the doors to the business were closed. Staff inside would not come to the door but did post a note telling Purolator to “knock hard.”

CTV News made repeated attempts to contact the company’s owners and management, but Fred Guy’s Moving and Storage has yet to respond.

According to the Better Business Bureau, 125 people are employed by Fred Guy Moving and Store.

The company also has a Belleville location. How it may be impacted is unknown.