Firefighters tackle three-alarm blaze in Little Italy

A highrise under construction burst into flames late Monday morning, sending smoke billowing into the air.

Ottawa Fire says the three-alarm blaze is on Champagne Avenue South, between Carling Avenue and Beech Street.

Firefighters are working on the fire from both inside and outside the building.

Witnesses on the scene tell firefighters it appears to have started in a garbage can on the ground floor, and flames may have spread up the garbage chute.  There are hundreds of people on the street as firefighters from three stations try to knock down the flames.

CTV's Claudia Cautillo reports witnesses have told firefighters a bricklayer may have been using a blow torch in the building when the fire started to spread.

Ottawa Fire Chief Kim Ayotte will address the media shortly.


Ottawa Fire on scene of a 3-Alarm fire in a high-rise under construction on Champagne Avenue. Crews are operating inside and outside. #ottnews #ottcity #ottfire

— Scott Stilborn (@OFSFirePhoto) April 30, 2018

No one has been reported hurt at officials at the scene say workers were able to evacuate safely.

Viewer Hussein Amery sends this video from Twitter just before firefighters arrived during the noon hour.

More to come...


Here is the outbreak of the fire

— Hussein Amery (@ameryidea) April 30, 2018

I am at 105 Champaign high rise fire... I will meet with the media in 20 minutes at the corner of Beech and Champaign

— Kim Ayotte (@ChiefAyotte) April 30, 2018

Fire in building under construction on Champagne. Champagne closed at Carling.

— Marie PrimeauMaurice (@MariePMaurice) April 30, 2018