Fourteen people arrested after drug investigation in the ByWard Market and Vanier

Ottawa Police have arrested 14 people following a street-level drug investigation.

The trafficking investigation was centred around the ByWard Market and Vanier area, where they have identified 31 people involved in selling drugs.

Below is a list of the 14 people facing charges so far:

1.      Roger EGIDIO, (51 years old) -Ottawa

2.      Troy FORBES, (32 years old) -Ottawa

3.      Youssouf BOURAGBA, (22 years old) -Hamond Ontario

4.      Steve MAVIS, (55 years old) -Ottawa

5.      Calvin PEACOCK,  (34 years old) -Ottawa

6.      Andy JALBERT,  (36 years old) -Ottawa

7.      Gordon VANCE, (55 years old) -Ottawa

8.      Daniel SIMPSON,  (29 years old) -Ottawa

9.      Bouchra BEN-NASSAR,  (F) (30 years old)- Ottawa

10.     William OUELLETTE,  (23 years old) - Ottawa

11.     Hyet Mary JABARA,  (F) (49 years old)- Ottawa

12.     Jacob BEAVER, (28 years old) -Ottawa (Orleans)

13.     Harlan NANOKEESIC, (25 years old) - Ottawa

14.     Chad BROWNRIGG,  (33 years old) -Ottawa

Between them there are more than 100 drug related charges.

Police say another 15 arrests are expected.

Police also conducted two searches in Vanier, one on Carillon Street and the other on Shakespeare Street. From those searches they seized cocaine, crack cocaine, Fentanyl (Purple Putty), hydromorphone, oxycocet and cannabis marihuana.