Fourth convicted in Swan murder to be sentenced

An Ottawa man will be sentenced Thursday in connection with the 2010 shooting death of 19 year old Michael Swan.

Sam Tsega was convicted of manslaughter as the mastermind behind a plot involving three Toronto men to rob Swan at his Moodie Drive home in the west end.

Swan was a small-time marjiuana dealer.

The crown wamts a term of 14 to 16 years saying, even though Tsega wasn't a participant in the killing, he had a high level of "moral blameworthiness" as the plot organizer.

The defence has asked for six to eight years, including a two-for-one credit for time already served in custody.

Kristopher McLellan, the shooter, was convicted of first-degree murder.

His two accomplices, Kyle Mullen and Dylon Barnett, were convicted of second-degree murder.