Freezing rain no problem for seasoned cyclists, says Leiper

Hardcore cyclists don't let a little weather get in their way.

Councillor Jeff Leiper is among those riding through snow and ice to get to get home this time of year.

Speaking to News & Views with Rob Snow, the city councillor for Kitchissippi says year-round Ottawa bikers aren’t fazed about the rain that fell yesterday.

"There are days in the winters when I cannot cycle. Yesterday was not one of them. The city did a fantastic job of making sure the roads were well plowed, salted yesterday. So during my ride I did come across slush but I'm not made of icing sugar. I felt as safe as I ever do biking around the city."

Leiper says it's a misconception that it's not safe to ride in the winter, but avoids taking Somerset St. because the snowbanks can make things tricky.

He says most routes were fine when he headed home from work around 2 P.M. Tuesday, but does concede that there was one big delay on his way home,

"I got to the corner of Bayview and Scott and there was a puddle, I swear, it's a new great lake."

The city councillor says when he started out three years ago, he was alone on the road, but now estimates there are a few hundred year-round bikers.