Gatineau man charged, run over in alleged road rage shooting incident

Gatineau Police say a 38-year-old man is facing assault and weapons charges after an alleged road rage incident Tuesday evening.

According to police, two drivers in their respective vehicles were traveling on Gréber Blvd. Tuesday at around 6:00 p.m. when one driver pointed a gun at the other and fired. The other driver wasn’t hurt.

The two drivers did not know each other, police said.

The alleged shooting victim then tried to escape.

At some point during that escape, the alleged shooter somehow got in front of the fleeing car on foot and was run over. He suffered serious but non-life threatening injuries.

Upon realizing the suspect had been hurt, the victim drove to the nearby police station on Gréber to report the incident.

The shooting suspect is now in hospital.

Police say he is facing charges of aggravated assault, weapon possession, and careless use of a firearm.

There may be other charges.

It is unclear if the other driver will face charges in this case.

Gatineau Police say their investigation is ongoing.