Gatineau Police arrest man accused of child luring

Gatineau Police say a 35-year-old man, who was accused in March of luring a teen over the Internet, has been arrested.

Police had issued an arrest warrant for Richard Thomas Miller on March 9, 2017 after parents of a teenage girl noticed suspicious messages on their child's phone.

The parents took screenshots of the messages and sent them to investigators in late February, which police say helped them identify a suspect.

Gatineau Police tweeted Tuesday that Miller had been arrested and charged with sexual touching, invitation to sexual touching, and luring.

Arrestation de Richard Thomas Miller, 35 ans pour contacts sexuels, incitation à des contacts sexuels et leurre. Comparution cet après-midi.

— PoliceGatineau (@PoliceGatineau) May 16, 2017

A court date was scheduled for Tuesday afternoon.