Heat wave expected to break Friday

The heat warning for the National Capital Region continues Monday.

Extreme temperatures are expected for much of the week, but Environment Canada meteorologist Glenn Robinson says a slight break is coming Monday evening.

“We do have a very weak cold front going through Monday evening,” Robinson says. “We’re expecting Tuesday to be somewhat less humid. It’ll still be quite hot but the humidity levels should be quite a bit lower.”

Tuesday's forecast, as of 11:00 a.m. Monday, is a comparatively cool 32 with a Humidex of 36.

But the respite won’t last long.

“It looks like, on Wednesday, the humidity is going to rebuild again,” Robinson says. “It’ll be quite hot and humid Wednesday and Thursday, and then it looks like a fairly strong cold front will come through on Friday and that will put a complete end to this.”

Overnight lows will be in the high teens for the start of the week, but creep back over 20 degrees Wednesday and Thursday night. Robinson says comfortable sleeping weather may not be seen until the weekend.

“We’re currently forecasting 13 for Friday night, so that’ll be quite refreshing,” Robinson says.