Hero police officer downplays actions

An Ottawa police officer doesn't think she was doing anything special when she saved a little girl from choking.

Stefanie Ross said her family was celebrating her son's birthday' at a west end restaurant on Saturday when her eight year old daughter, Emmah, began choking.

The officer, who identified herself only as Tina, did the Heimlich manouever, and freed the stuck piece of bacon.

The officer, Constable Tina Pippy, told "The Morning Rush with Bill Carroll" that she reacted as she had been trained.

"When I look at my daughter now, and think about what would happen if she were in that situation, it's emotionally overwhelming to me," Pippy said.

"But as a police officer, that's what we do -- we go out and respond to things without even thinking....we don't respond emotionally, we try to make a bad situation better."

Constable Pippy said that, after checking that Emmah was OK, she went back and finished her breakfast, then headed out to pick up her daughter.

Ross said she wants to find a special way to thank the officer, adding she will sign up for a CPR course now, in case she can help someone in a similar situation.