Hull Hospital to resume full operation next week

Officials at the Hull Hospital say they hope to resume normal operations early next week.

Contractors fractured a water line on the 5th floor on Thursday, sending water cascading all the way to the basement.

Dr. Guy Morissette, from the Outaouais regional health centre, told CFRA that two of the 13 Intensive Care patients who had to be moved have been transferred to other hospitals in the area.

But he added surgeries resumed on Friday.

"What were are doing is more less-urgent surgeries - semi-urgent surgeries - and during the weekend, we're going to do the same thing," He said.

"We're starting slowly, with more activities over the next few days."

Dr. Morissette said they're hoping to resume full operations by next Monday or Tuesday.

He added there's no damage estimate yet, but insurance should cover the cost of repairs.