Inspiration Village gets a pop of colour

In response to criticism that Inspiration Village lacks artistic elements, organizers have added a pop of colour to the outdoor exhibit.

“It’s actually a great idea that was brought up by one of the merchants and this is a way of demonstrating we are listening, that we want to improve, and we want to collaborate with local merchants,” said Guy LaFlamme, Executive Director of Ottawa 2017.

On Saturday, a group of Canadian artists came in to paint the backs of the white shipping containers used to create the exhibit. The designs are a representation of the flags from the Canadian provinces and territories.

Inspiration Village is an entertainment hub created by linking shipping containers together in the middle of Ottawa’s core. Each container is filled with elements that are meant to showcase parts of Canada during its anniversary year.

To create the space for the exhibit, which runs from Sussex St. to ByWard Market Square, 92 parking spaces were removed, upsetting local businesses. Some vendors also complained the village did deliver on its promise to be an aesthetic artistic instillation.

LaFlamme said they continue to have open dialogue with vendors regarding their individual concerns.

The artists will be on site this weekend completing the designs.

The Village opened on May 20th and will run until September 4th. A list of events and activities taking place is available here.