Jonathan Pitre faces more struggles ahead of second stem cell transplant

Ottawa's Butterfly Child is back in Minnesota where he is getting ready for a second stem cell transplant to treat his blistering skin disease, epidermolysis bullosa.


But, his mother Tina Boileau says that before any testing can take place he has to recover from another illness.


Boileau explained to CTV Morning Live on Friday that since returning to Minneapolis he has developed an upper respiratory infection and a blood infection.


"Going forward we're just trying to get that cleared so he feels better to kinda keep on track on what is ahead of him," she said. "We were supposed to start stuff next week so I think we're just playing it day by day at this point."


Boileau said that Jonathan is very tired and weak right now.


If all goes as planned, testing will begin to ensure that his organs are strong enough to handle the chemo, radiation and stem cell transplant.


She explained that despite his illness he has been in good spirits after a short trip home after Christmas.


"Home was the best medicine really, we got to recharge our batteries and refuel to get to the second time."


His transplant surgery, if all goes as planned, is scheduled for early March.