Karlsson slams NHL decision to keep players from 2018 Olympics

The National Hockey League (NHL) is taking heat for its decision to bar its players from competing in next year's Winter Olympics.

The league says it doesn't want to interrupt the 2017-2018 season by letting its players leave to play in the Pyeongchang games in Winter 2018.

Ottawa Senators captain Erik Karlsson did not mince words when he was asked about the controversial decision after Monday's game in Detroit, calling it "crap."

"I don't understand the decision. We have no say in the matter. It's very unfortunate for the game of hockey around the world that they're going to do this to the sport," he said. "Whoever made that decision obviously has no idea what they're doing."

The players' union says it's clear their members want to go.

The league said in a statement yesterday the matter is closed.