Labour groups hold protest outside Tim Hortons

People across the province ditched their double doubles on Wednesday in favour of protest signs.


Rallies took place at more than a dozen Tim Hortons, to protest the actions of some franchises that have cut employee benefits and eliminated paid breaks.


In Ottawa, protesters said they are outraged by stories of franchise owners clawing back benefits and marched outside the coffee shop on Sparks Street near Bank on Wednesday afternoon.


Some of those taking part in the protest carried signs that read 'Don't be CRUELLER' and 'Solidarity with Tim Hortons’ workers.'


Demonstrator Peter Whittaker explained that Tim Hortons' head office can afford to pay employees at the new rate without taking away previous perks.


"They can afford to treat their workers properly and they should be treating their workers properly," he said. "Doing what the ones like down in Cobourg and Port Hope are doing is completely wrong."


Whittaker and many demonstrators said they're fighting back by boycotting the coffee chain.


One woman taking part admitted that she worked for a small business that made changes after the wage increased.


Eleanor explained that her hours have been slashed in the last week.


"In my personal case, I'm seeing my shifts cut in half and so I have a lot less flexibility about when I can work," she said. "If I can't make those individual shifts, then I lose my income for the week."