Little Italy high-rise fire causes $10M in damage; fire deemed accidental

Monday's fire at a high-rise in Little Italy caused an estimated $10 million in damage.

This, from Ottawa Fire, who have been investigating since the blaze broke out at 26-storey building under construction at 105 Champagne Avenue South. 160 workers were forced to evacuate as the blaze made its way from floor to floor.

Fire officials say the cause of the fire was accidental and it did indeed start in the garbage chute outside the building.

An exact cause was not given, but Ottawa Fire says fires like this are often caused by improperly discarded cigarettes or clogged chutes.

One person was injured in the fire, after being hit by debris.

Ottawa Fire Services says it would like to remind residents and employees that smoking materials should always be placed in sturdy noncombustible containers that are wind resistant and never in garbage chutes, dumpsters, planter pots or mulch