Mild weather still on the way despite cold snap: Phillips

Environment Canada’s Senior Climatologist is standing by his prediction of a mild winter for Ottawa.

It’s been extremely cold for most of the season so far with Ottawa, and indeed much of Canada, under extreme cold warnings. The warning for the city was only lifted Tuesday.

But David Phillips says “one cold bout does not a winter make” and tells Newstalk 580 CFRA’s News and Views with Rob Snow that he stands by his predictions.

“I still stand by our models,” he says. “In fact, I looked at the models this morning and from mid-January to mid-February we’re calling for warmer than normal.”

Just in time for Winterlude, he says.

“You might have all that ice or snow for Winterlude and yet the temperatures might warm up to allow you to enjoy those activities. It may just be the prefect kind of Winterlude.”

In fact, Phillips goes so far as to say he expects a melt before the end of the month.

“I think in 80 years in Ottawa, there have only been five without a January thaw,” he says. “So, my sense is that I’d bet on a melting temperature before the month is over.”

This week will still be colder than average, though we’re not expecting temperatures to be quite as cold as last week’s. Phillips says normal temperatures can be expected soon.

“When the kids go back to school on Monday, we see a high of minus 6, which is about normal for that time of year,” Phillips says.