Newly-elected city council holds first full meeting today

Ottawa’s newly sworn-in councillors will hold their first full council meeting today.

On the agenda is the council governance review, which will outline committee and sub-committee structure over the next four years. Chairs and vice-chairs will also be appointed.

But the big-ticket item is cannabis.

City staff will table a comprehensive report today on the new cannabis laws brought in by the provincial government.

The City must decide whether or not it will opt out of having legal brick-and-mortar cannabis stores in the Capital come April, when the province will officially sanction them.

At least one councillor has said she’ll vote to opt out.

In an op-ed in the Ottawa Sun, Gloucester–South Nepean councillor Carol Anne Meehan says she wants the city to have a conversation with the province to renegotiate regulations and the revenue-sharing model.