No Ottawa roads on CAA’s annual worst roads in Ontario list

Roads in Ottawa have been spared a dubious honour this year.

CAA is out with its annual Top 10 Worst Roads in Ontario list. While streets like Carling Avenue and Hunt Club Road have made the list in the past, not a single Ottawa road was in the top 10 in 2018.

Burlington Street East in Hamilton topped the list. The worst road in Eastern Ontario is County Road 49 in Prince Edward County, which was #2 on the 2018 top ten. Barrie’s Duckworth Street has jumped to #3, after tying Carling Avenue at #8 in 2017 (Hunt Club was #7).

CAA says over 3500 roads were nominated this year. 75% of voters said potholes were the main reason they considered a particular road the worst. A lack of cycling infrastructure and congestion were the other main reasons someone might vote for their particular street.

CAA says it puts this list out every year to “make roads safer by helping municipal and provincial governments understand what roadway improvements are important to citizens, and where they need to be made.”

However, Ottawa streets can still be found among some of the worst roads in Ontario. Breaking down votes by region, Carling Avenue, Mitch Owens Road and Hunt Club Road appear in the top 10 worst roads in North and Eastern Ontario at #4, #6, and #7 for Hunt Club and #10 for West Hunt Club.

Ontario's Top 10 Worst Roads for 2018

  1. Burlington Street East (Hamilton)
  2. County Road 49 (Prince Edward County)
  3. Duckworth Street (Barrie)
  4. Avondale Road (Belleville)
  5. Eglinton Avenue West (Toronto)
  6. Drummond Road (Niagara Falls)
  7. Dufferin Street (Toronto)
  8. McLeod Road (Niagara Falls)
  9. Pelham Road (St. Catharines)
  10. Lockhart Road (Innisfil)

North and Eastern Ontario’s Top 10 Worst Roads for 2018

  1. Letts Cemetery Road (Eganville)
  2. Maley Drive (Sudbury)
  3. Lorne Street (Sudbury)
  4. Carling Avenue (Ottawa)
  5. Nelson Street (Pembroke)
  6. Mitch Owens Road (Ottawa)
  7. Hunt Club Road (Ottawa)
  8. Boundary Road East (Pembroke)
  9. Marshall Avenue East (North Bay)
  10. West Hunt Club Road (Ottawa)

Ottawa’s Top 5 Worst Roads for 2018

  1. Carling Avenue
  2. Mitch Owens Road
  3. Hunt Club Road
  4. West Hunt Club Road
  5. Saint Joseph Boulevard