No refuge from Fentanyl in Ottawa

Local groups working with drug users in Ottawa say no one is safe from fentanyl.

Catherine Hacksell works with DUAL Ottawa.

The group does outreach work with drug users, including consultations, testing, safety, and program information.

Hacksell said they've found fentanyl in all sorts of drugs.

"Heroin, most of the time, that was being sold here was testing for fentanyl, and you've been hearing those stories, mostly in the suburbs, about youth using fake pills, which are, basically, people profiting off the fact that most users know that prescription drugs are a safer drug to use," she said.

"In downtown, I've been hearing that some stimulant users are concerned over using cocaine - even something as simple as weed."

Hacksell said they've been hearing for months that fentanyl was making its way into the capital, so last week's spike in overdose cases isn't a surprise.

She added it's difficult to know where the drug is coming from because it's so easily manufactuered, or shipped.