No word on LRT launch date

There is no word on when Ottawa’s $2.1 billion Light Rail Transit line will be ready to roll.

Three weeks ago, the City announced the Rideau Transit Group would miss the November 2 deadline to handover the keys to the transit system.

Now, an update to Councillors released Tuesday night said city staff continue to monitor and track the project, timelines and key milestones, but “there is no change” to the Revenue Service Availability date.  The city said in September that the LRT system would not be ready until the first quarter of 2019. 

The memo does say “several critical elements are being closely monitored as indicators of progress”, including construction of the Rideau Station.

Staff says “significant work” remains at the Rideau Station. Other items being watched include delivery of all 34 trains, vehicle and system testing along the western alignment and in the tunnel, and completion of signage, next train announcement system, ticket machines and fare gates.

On September 11, a testing milestone was reached when a train completed the first end-to-end run from Tunney’s Pasture to Blair Station