Noise complaints come pouring in as Escapade continues

While paramedics reported fewer incidents than expected at this weekend's Escapade music festival the councillor for the area had many more emails than usual.


Capital ward councillor David Chernushenko said that he received around half a dozen emails on Saturday as the music festival raged on through the afternoon and evening.


But, he explained to CFRA that he wasn't all that surprised.


"This is very beat heavy, bass heavy with minimal melody so for a lot of people it just feels like 'boom boom bump' all day long all evening long," he explained. "I'll be blunt it drives me crazy and clearly it does a lot of residents as well."


Chernushenko has been against the move to Lansdowne since it was announced but said he realized the music festival was in a tight spot and had to move it from the Rideau Carleton Raceway.


As part of the deal in the move, Sunday night's performance must end by 10 p.m. or face fines by Ottawa Bylaw.


"I was shown the steps they were going to take to stasy within the noise limits and make it liveable for people," he said. "If they fail, they're out. It's a one strike you're out situation."


Organizers will review the festival with the city in the coming weeks.