Open air fire ban in effect

A City-wide open air fire ban is now in effect.

Ottawa Fire says the ban is in place to prevent the spread of grass and brush fires, and will be in effect until green grass begins to show through the dead tall grass around the city.

All open air fires banned, including for anyone with an Open Air Fire Permit. Ottawa Fire says there will be zero tolerance enforcement while the ban is in effect.

Ottawa Fire suggests a few ways to prevent grass and brush fires on your property:

  • Clear all combustible materials such as tree limbs, leaves and other dry materials away from buildings and propane tanks.
  • Keep barbecue propane tanks at least three metres from buildings.
  • Wood piles should be stored a safe distance from your home.
  • Trees should be pruned to create a good vertical separation from the ground.
  • Clear out any accumulated dry or dead debris from your property.

You’re also being reminded to safely dispose of smoking materials, as carelessly discarded cigarettes are a common cause of grass fires.

Ottawa Fire says a variety of conditions can contribute to the need for a fire ban. In addition to dry spells, Fire officials cite conditions like high winds, early spring surface conditions, cut fields or wet conditions that do not allow firefighting equipment to access remote or rural locations as reasons for implementing an open air fire ban.