Ottawa Airport to oppose Council approval of church

The Ottawa Airport Authority will go to the Ontario Municipal Board to appeal Ottawa City Council's approval of a Salvation Army Church in Barrhaven.

The location is within the airport operating influence zone, which would mean such a development would not be allowed/.

However, Salvation Army officials gained committee and council approval after making several changes to their plans, and pledging that aircraft would not bother their church services.

The Army said it was the only parcel of land left in the area suitable for their building.

River Ward councillor Riley Brockington voted against the motion despite being a fan of the Salvation Army's work in the community.

"I want them to expand, but the question is whether this is an appropriate area to do so," Brockington said.

"By permitting it, what will be the impact on the airport going forward, and I think that's the very real question that we have to wrestle with."

Airport officials are concerned that expansion of flight services may make the area too noisy, even for the Salvation Army.

They're also concerned whether future owners of the building might complain that the noise from aircraft landing and taking off is too high.