Over 2000 guns surrendered in OPP-led gun amnesty program

Ontario Provincial Police say more than 2000 guns were turned over to police forces across the province, following a month-long drive in April.

The OPP itself took in 267 rifles, 153 shotguns, 113 non-specified prohibited guns, and 62 other items such as replica or vintage guns. 12,615 bullets were also surrendered.

An additional 1,503 guns were handed in to non-OPP police forces across Ontario.

Numbers for the Ottawa Police Service’s participation in the program are not yet available, a police spokesperson says.

The OPP say most of the guns recovered through the amnesty program will be destroyed, but some will be kept for “historical, educational, or training purposes.”

The program aimed to get unwanted or unneeded guns out of people’s homes, where police say they may become targets for theft, and then used in other crimes.

While the April drive has ended, police say anyone interested in getting rid of an old gun can still contact their local police service and arrange to have a gun picked up.

You are reminded to never bring guns directly to a police station.