Passerby celebrating birthday spots Trainyards-area fire, warns resident

Ottawa Fire says a man celebrating his birthday happened to notice a fire burning nearby  and acted quickly to help.

Matthew Godin saw flames and smoke coming from a garage on Mimosa Ave. at around 9:30 a.m. Thursday and called 911.

He then knocked on the door to warn the person inside to get out.

"Props to Matt Godin," Ottawa Fire spokesperson Danielle Cardinal said.

Ffirefighters arrived quickly and were able to contain the fire to the garage.

The fire was out by 10:20 a.m.

No one was hurt.

Fire officials are also saying thank you to the neighbours on Mimosa Ave. for clearing the snow away from the hydrant, giving firefighters quick and easy access to it.

Today's fire on Mimosa Avenue offers a reminder of why it so important to make sure fire hydrants are kept clear of snow and ice. #ottnews #ottcity #ottfire #hydranthero

— Scott Stilborn (@OFSFirePhoto) February 21, 2019