Pitre cleared for second stem cell transplant

Russell's Jonathan Pitre has been given the green light to undergo a second stem cell transplant to treat his blistering skin disease.

His mother Tina Boileau tweeted the news Wednesday afternoon.

She says the current aim is for the procedure to take place April 13, adding an emphatic "This time it will work!"


Jonathan got the green light to proceed with 2nd transplant. Admission the 31st,transplant is aimed for April 13th. This time it will work! pic.twitter.com/oWeI0LUx2X

— Tina Boileau (@BoileauTina) March 22, 2017


Pitre's first treatment in Minnesota last September did not take.

He's had to fight through various infections since then.

It's believed a successful transplant would significantly improve his physical condition.