Planning Committee to vote on proposed towers at Westgate Mall

The Westgate shopping centre could see several tall towers built in the coming years if the planning committee approves a proposed development plan.

The towers would be mixed-use, and two of the buildings would be as tall as 36 storeys.

The plan, by RioCan Management, includes 8,230 square metres of commercial space and 1,146 rental residential units, as well as an increase in the number of residential and commercial parking spaces.

Councillors Jeff Leiper and Riley Brockington are on the record in the proposal to committee, offering general support for the redevelopment.

"Kitchissippi residents are generally in favour of the Westgate redevelopment, and I am supportive of greater height and density on this under-utilized land," Leiper says in the report. "Predictably, I am particularly keen to see cycling improvements foreseen by the plan on Carling implemented as quickly as possible, and I will be asking staff to take whatever steps necessary to leverage those beginning with the first phase of construction."

"I am supportive of the long term plans to develop the property at 1309 Carling Avenue, commonly referred to as the Westgate Mall," Brockington says. "Although the redevelopment falls outside of River Ward, it will have a direct impact on River Ward residents, especially in the Carlington Community. River Ward residents are very interested in this proposal."

The committee meets March 28, with the proposal, if approved, going to full City Council in April.

The City notes the plan would involve three phases and take 20 years to reach completion. The first phase, expected to be completed within five years, would involve demolishing the building at the southeast corner of the property and erecting a 22-storey, mixed-use tower in its place. The second phase would build a second 22-storey tower in the southwest corner of the mall. The third phase would involve the remainder of the mall being demolished, with two 36-storey towers and one 24-storey tower built.