Police nab over 500 drivers behaving badly in school zones

A week-long safety blitz in school zones saw officers hand out 504 tickets.


Ottawa Police officers were keeping an eye out for speeders, drivers failing to yield to pedestrians, those not obeying school bus signals as well as distracted drivers.


The blitz was held in school zones across the city and every day officers posted tweets about some of the excuses they would get from drivers.



School zone enf again. 40 zone. "Oh I saw you pulling people over here yesterday" . Apparently I wasn't a deterrent. #charged pic.twitter.com/KxJyN8bDXc

— Phil Kane (@carbinekane) March 21, 2017


🚌 stopped lights and sign flashing for 3 secs...then driver blows by passing bus while kid getting on. Driver "what bus?" #RoadSafety pic.twitter.com/5LxI4RBULS

— Bearded Cop (@TheBeardedCop) March 22, 2017




Constable Jon Hall said the blitz isn't just about enforcement for officers.


"It’s also about spreading the word and reminding other drivers about driving consciously in those school zones," he explained. "With every driver we stopped, how many other people saw us with those lights on?"


Officers will conduct a school zone safety blitz at the start of each school year and in the spring following March Break.