Police undercover luring operation catches Orleans pedophile

Ottawa Police say a serious undercover investigation has led to an Orleans man being laid with multiple charges for sexually-related crimes against children. 

Ottawa Police say the Peel Regional Police tipped them off that 52-year-old Paul Montroy was communicating with one of their undercover police officers posing as a child and an adult, as part of a luring operation. 

Peel Police indicated during the investigation, there were several sexual exchanges between the man and the undercover officer, wherein Montroy requested to have sexual relations and transmitted images of adult and child pornography. 

Ottawa Police arrested Montroy Friday at an Orleans hotel, where the arrangement to meet "the child and her mother" was to take place.

Police then executed a search warrant at Montroy's home, where his digital devices revealed an extensive collection of child pronography.

Montroy has been laid with 13 charges for 7 different crimes, including but not limited to, possession and distribtion of child porography, arrangement of sexual offense against a child, luring, and making sexually explicit material avaliable to a child. 

Police also say further charges could come upon full examination of the digital devices.

They say Montroy has a history of replying to classified ads in Ottawa seeking tutors for children. 

He is set to appear in court on Saturday, Jan. 20. 

Anyone with information on this case is asked to contact the Ottawa Police Internet-Child Exploitation Unit at 613-236-1222, ext. 5660.