Preliminary design plans for Elgin St. revealed

With shovels already in the ground residents were invited to a public information session on the Elgin St. renewal project.

Dozens gathered at City Hall to meet with those in charge of the project and see preliminary designs. 

Troy Harper was disappointed plans still included above ground electrical wires.

“It makes a big difference in the urban planning to not have wires hanging over top of you. Go to any street where it’s already buried you’ll see the difference,” Harper said.

 Others were concerned about having shared use lanes for cyclists and vehicles.

“I think their focus on parking is misguided,” said Shawn Gettler.

“It’s really disappointing they focus on that rather than improving the pedestrian experience and adding bike lanes.”

Residents were asked to fill out forms with their feedback.

The construction project involves the renewal of Elgin St. from Gloucester St. to Isabella, as well as the renewal of Waveryly St. from Elgin to Metcalfe.

Changes include reconstruction of the underground linear system, widening sidewalks, work to watermains and sewers, utility reconstruction, road structure and pavement. There will also be landscaping done.

The City of Ottawa has announced major road work and a major road closure coming in 2019.