Premiers Doug Ford and Scott Moe to discuss federal carbon tax plan in Saskatchewan

SASKATOON - Ontario Premier Doug Ford is to meet with Premier Scott Moe in Saskatoon today to discuss the federal carbon tax plan.

Ford says the two provinces have a strong united front against the carbon tax and they are going to stand up to what he calls Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's tax-and-spend policies.

His Progressive Conservative government is challenging Ottawa's carbon pricing plan in court.

Moe's government has asked Saskatchewan's Court of Appeal to rule on whether the federal plan is unconstitutional.

Last night the Saskatchewan Party posted a message on Twitter noting the growing number of provinces that are opposing the carbon tax.

Yesterday, Premier Brian Pallister said that Manitoba has scrapped its carbon tax plan.

Ford's meeting with Moe is only one stop on his road trip.

The Ontario premier is to speak tomorrow at a ``Scrap The Carbon Tax Rally'' in Calgary with United Conservative Party leader Jason Kenney.    

Kenney, the leader of Alberta's Opposition, has promised to repeal the province's carbon tax if his party wins the 2019 spring election.