Prescott Mayor Welcomes New Increased Funding For Small Community Projects

The mayor of Prescott is welcoming news the federal government plans to increase infrastructure funding in small communities.

Today, the federal government announced it plans to increase funding for municipal projects in communities with a population of less than 5,000 people. The addition would mean the government would shoulder 60% of the cost of a project, up from 50%.

The mayor of Prescott Brett Todd says Council is still waiting on the specifics of where the funding will be able to go, but says they have a number of multi-million dollar projects they need help with.

"Our water tower, which is just about at the end its life span. But we do know that the federal government has money for social infrastructure that involves arenas. So we're really hopeful that we'll see some funding where we can apply and get some assistance on these major initiatives."

The Leo Boivin Community Centre and Arena is estimated to cost the town $8-million to $12-million, and a new water tower, which is needed in the next five years, between $2.5-million and $3-million.

Todd says they'll jump at the chance to alleviate that price tag.

"It's positive, it's a good indication that they are looking at helping communities like ourselves, but we still have to waiting the specifics to see exactly what's out there, but our council and staff are preparing everything we can, so we can be ready to make applications and make use of whatever funding is available to make use of our infrastructure needs."

Todd says he expects to have the full details on the funding by the end of March.

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