Push for electoral reform draws hundreds to Parliament Hill

Voters angry at Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for scrapping his promise on electoral reform gathered on Parliament Hill Saturday to push for change.

"Mr. Trudeau has implied people don't care about this issue and we are here to prove him wrong," said Daniel Rae, the event's organizer. "And to keep this issue alive even though the government may have taken it off their agenda."

In Ottawa, more than 100 people held their signs high on the steps of Parliament Hill to protest the decision. The event capped off a week of "twitter storms," letter writing campaigns and a day national day of action that saw similar rallies right across the country. 

"Eventually the question changes from whether it will happen to when it will happen and I believe we are in the middle of that transition now," Rae said.

The opposition comes roughly one week after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said he would not be moving forward with a campaign pledge to change how members of Parliament are elected. Many argue Canada's current first-past-the-post system is unfair to smaller, third parties who have fewer resources to draw from and wastes too many votes. 

Instead, many voters at the rally want a proportional representation system where the number of seats a political party's forms in Parliament is tied to its share of the popular vote. 

Rae said this movement is growing and they intend to continue pushing for change until reform happens.