Recap on pot rules as legalization looms

With days to go before cannabis is legal in Canada there is a push to put out information on pot.

This week information postcards will be delivered to Canadians with rules and regulations related to the Cannabis Act.

The card contains bullet points on penalties, health effects, driving high, and taking pot across the border.

The card also includes the Government of Canada’s website address, where additional background on cannabis can be found.  

So far the government has spent more than $270 million getting ready for legalization.

About $40 million went to advertisements – many of which focus of the dangers of driving high. Another $80 million was spent training officers to catch those driving high.

833 drug officers have been trained in the field sobriety test with plans to train another 1,500.

In the past, officers would often train in the United States, but there now three centre’s that can offer training in Canada.

A driver with two nanograms of THC per milliliters of blood can face a summary conviction or be fined up to $1,000. A driver with five or more nanograms, with alcohol in their system, can face a minimum fine of $1,000 and jail time depending on the seriousness.

When it comes to crossing the border – it will remain illegal to bring cannabis across. There will be signs posted at popular border crossings reminding people, including ferry terminals, airports, and railway stations.