Report recommends free parking be maintained in Westboro/Hintonburg

Businesses and community associations have rejected a city suggestion that drivers be charged for parking along Richmond Road, Wellington West, and Somerset in Westboro and Hintonburg.

Instituting paid parking was offered as the solution to overcrowding on the streets, but local businesses objected.

"People were worried that it would hurt small businesses bcause people would choose to go to malls instead," said area Councillor Jeff Leiper.

"From all the feedback I received, it's clear that there's no buy-in to that, so it's not going to proceed," he said.

Instead, a report to the city's transportation committee will recommend 90-minute time limits for on-street parking in the area.

On streets where paid parking is already in effect, suchas Holland Avenue, the report calls for the hourly fees be cut in half and time limits be extended.

Leiper admitted that the recommendation may uspet other business districts where customers must pay for on-street parking.

"There might be a little bit of bad feeling," he said.

"But right now is not the time to put (paid) parking in this ward."

The report will be considered at the next meeting of the city's Transportation Committee on April 5th.