Residents concerned vehicles buried under snow are becoming safety issue

Ottawa Bylaw says they have received complaints about cars buried in the snow.

Residents on Fairlea Crescent in the east-end say one car buried in snow has been parked for over a month. Many are concerned that the car can be a safety hazard.

“I wondered about it every time we went out. We looked out it and say ‘wow’ it’s got another couple of feet of snow on it,” says Cathy Carriere.

Ron Hyslop complained to the city twice about the car. “It provides a hazard that they can’t properly remove the snow in front or behind it and it cuts us down to a single lane.”

He says, “I think it’s been sitting here since November. But for sure since the first big snow storm- I first complained about it on the 19 of December.”

Notices from the city are visible on the car- but are also covered in snow.

Alison Sandor with Ottawa Bylaw says they have received more than 4,000 calls for overtime parking- but that number includes everything from going over the 1-hour parking limit to cars left in snow for weeks.

But it can be difficult to get vehicles off the road.  “Vehicles like that do get towed, but unfortunately we are at the mercy of roads we because we don't have the equipment necessary to dig these vehicles out. You need a big grader or sometimes a snowplow to get some of the snow away from these cars.”

The road department is busy with snow clearing after the recent storms.

Bylaw says there is a list of cars to be towed- and some were planned to be removed Wednesday.