Residents west of Ottawa still waiting for power to be restored

Residents west of Ottawa are still waiting for the lights to come back on.

Since Friday thousands of Hydro One customers have been without power after the massive windstorm swept through the province.

Peter Remillard is 76-years-old and lives near Carp. He doesn’t own a generator.

“I had one ten year ago but I sold it but now I need it,” he says.  

His entire street is without power. Shelley Welsh says kids on the street have been helping neighbours in need.

“I woke my kids up at 5 o’clock in the morning, but my ten year old said, why didn’t you wait me up earlier, I would have helped sooner!” She says, “They went into people houses, they were taking water from the sub pumps and dumping it in the backyards."

Many are relying on generators that haven’t been used for years.

Grant Montag says, “I bought the generator after the ice storm and this is the first time I have had to use it since!”

But Sunday- Hydro Ottawa says crews were able to restore power to 98% of our customers affected by the storm. Crews continued to work on Sunday to restore the remaining customers.

Hydro One says 60,000 customers are “still affected by Friday's devastating wind storm. More than 540,000 Hydro One customers were left without power after 110 km/h winds uprooted trees, downed power lines and broke more than 480 poles.”

On Friday, Environment Canada issued wind warnings across the province, with some areas getting lashed with gusts measuring up to 110 kilometres per hour.