Rideau Valley watershed continuing to experience mild drought

Despite the occasional record-breaking rainfall this summer, the Rideau Valley Conservation Authority is still warning of drought conditions in the Rideau River watershed.

The majority of the watershed is in “minor” drought territory, the RVCA says, as August comes to an end.

“Minor” is the lowest of the three drought levels.

The RVCA says rainfall totals across the entire watershed were below the threshold of 80% of normal, which qualifies as a minor drought.

Along the Kemptville Creek watershed, a “moderate” or level 2 drought is in effect. The RVCA says flow in the creek has continued to be very low.

“The amount of rain measured in the Kemptville Creek sub-watershed … is well below the historical average at both Kemptville and at the Brockville Airport.”

The RVCA says the low water levels are impacting aquatic life, because they are swimming in smaller pools and are running low on oxygen.

Residents who live along the watershed are being asked to conserve water and to limit their taking of water from surface or groundwater sources.