Robbers clean out Ottawa bait shop as owner sleeps nearby

Manotick Bait and Sport Shop in Ottawa was fully stocked and ready for another week of business -- until two men broke in and cleaned out the shop early Sunday morning.

Security footage shows the thieves, who spent more than an hour meticulously picking over the products, taking knives, lures, arrows, rods, reels, and bows.

All while owner Dan Faubert slept right next door.

"At one point I did hear a noise and I woke up," Faubert told CTV Ottawa. "I thought nothing of it."

Faubert had just installed security cameras a week and a half ago, after noticing the rash of thefts in the area.

A source told CTV Ottawa the Shoppers Drug Mart across the street from Faubert's shop was robbed at gunpoint earlier on July 18, and a week later had more than $1,000 worth of merchandise stolen by shoplifters.

And just down the road from the shop at Hurst Marina, thieves brazenly stole two boats in the middle of the night on July 23.

"There seems to be a rash of people thinking they can help themselves to other people's property," Faubert says.

Faubert says he knows he’ll likely never see any of his stolen products again, and that now he's just trying to get back to business.

"I'll get over it, but it’s a little frustrating to walk in and see all your hard work gone," Faubert said.

While his cameras didn't seem to deter the thieves, Faubert is glad that they were there. He released the footage on social media to warn other Ottawa residents, and was able to provide police with clear pictures of both suspects.

Ottawa police have confirmed that they are investigating the robberies, and Faubert says the OPP have contacted him as well.

With a report from CTV Ottawa's Catherine Lathem