Roofing companies busy in Ottawa today after wind damage

The clean-up continues today after Friday's intense and damaging wind storm.

Trees were toppled and roofs blown off and many customers are still without hydro tonight. If you've been trying to reach a roofing company, chances are you've been getting a busy signal.

Friday's storm caused a lot of damage right across this region.  Consider yourself lucky if you escaped this one.

While they're teeing off on the first hole at the Grey Hawk golf course, they are tying off at the club house.

“The winds were very strong and it did cause quite a bit of damage,” says Rick Chenier with Sanderson Roofing.

Chenier has spent the better part of his weekend several feet off the ground repairing shingles.

“I've been here (at the golf course) since Sunday,” he says, “and will be a few more days before we get this mess cleaned up.”

The storm came in quickly at the golf course on Boundary Road, ripping off shingles and tipping over toilets.

“Lots of roof damage,” says Chuck Stapley with GreyHawk Golf Course, “right down to wood so we had to get Sanderson in here to fix it up. There were a couple of trees down and the porta-potties were spilled over and created quite a mess out there.”

Many Ottawa area residents were working this weekend chopping up trees, rebuilding fences, evening hauling trees off cars.

Winds reached almost 100 kilometres an hour, in some cases, ripping roofs right off buildings.  

It is nearly impossible to get through to a roofing company today. Don Mann with Sanderson Roofing says their phones have been ringing off the hook and have been since Friday night's storm. Sanderson has 6 crews out just doing shingle repairs today.

“It's all over the city,” says Mann, “I live in Lanark and I lost shingles and there have been lots of calls in Orléans, too.”

Marion Evans is one of those customers still on the "to do" list.  Her's will be no easy job after a massive pine tree toppled over, landing on the roof of her west Ottawa home, and puncturing a hole right through it.

“Right over my bed,” she says as she looks at the damage, “Oh yeah, it was quite a shock.  But at my age I've been through everything.”

Ottawa Hydro says at this point, all its customers are back on-line. Hydro One still has about 6500 customers in Eastern Ontario waiting for power but their website indicates they should all be back on line by 11 p.m. at the latest tonight.