Rotating strikes at STO continue; no bus service on Tuesday

The Société de Transport de l'Outaouais (STO) says there will be no bus service in Ottawa and Gatineau on Tuesday, as drivers and mechanics continue their rotating strikes.

Last Thursday, workers walked off the job for the day, shutting down the Gatineau bus service.

City of Gatineau officials and the union representing STO workers had scheduled one final meeting March 15, in hopes of settling the labour dispute.

The union is pushing for binding arbitration, and said it would launch 24-hour rotating strikes if that demand was refused.

The Syndicat Uni du Transport local 591 said on Facebook Sunday evening the union would be exercising its right to strike on Tuesday. It admonished the STO for rejecting arbitration, and said that would have put a halt to the pressure tactics employed by the union.

The STO says commuters should make alternate travel plans. As was the case last Thursday, STO users will have access to 500 parking spaces at the Robert Guertin Arena during the one-day strike.

OC Transpo has previously said it has no plans to increase its services to and from Gatineau during the strike.